The Whole Artist Retreat is an intimate journey, a return to our true selves. Here, we embrace our stories entirely, nurturing and nourishing ourselves, moving with purpose, and crafting with heart. It's not just about what we create visually; it's about the totality of our being. It's about the flavors we savor, the thoughts that empower us, the rhythms we dance to each day, and the mindful choices we make in what we absorb. Every facet contributes to the essence of the Whole Artist, connecting us to the profound depth of our creative spirit.


encompassing the wholeness of a being and not just the parts

To identify and discover our innate and unique way of creating art, we must pay attention to our whole selves. Our focus is on nurturing the holistic artist within you. We believe in exploring and reclaiming the inner aspects that fuel your creativity, enabling you to create the meaningful art you desire.


Unlock the creative storyteller within

San Pancho, MEXICO

April 23-27, 2024


Escape with us to a small village on Mexico’s Pacific coast framed by the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. We’ll spend four magical days exploring and nourishing our creativity as a force from within


March 23 - 25, 2024

Let us nestle in together for this 2-day workshop located on the sand-dunes of Pirate's Bay, the cottage will provide the calming environment we are all craving - the sounds of crashing waves, sharing space and words, and creating art.

Explore two unique experiences with us. Workshops offer a condensed artistic journey, providing a brief yet enriching immersion in your artistry. Retreats, on the other hand, offer a more profound dive, with days and nights shared in a communal space, fostering especially deep connections. Both options are inspiring, nourishing, and provide you with the opportunity to ground into your heart, dive into your craft, and express your artistry. Both feature guest hosts who bring fresh perspectives to your creative journey. Join us for this transformative adventure; learn more on our Retreats page.

Be nourished & inspired

Stay with us

love notes

I have attended workshops in the past but this blew me away. These ladies had every single detail coordinated and perfectly timed. The smaller group kept the weekend intimate and I never felt rushed during the shootouts. I felt spoiled by the amazing food provided and the yoga. It felt like a girls weekend more than a retreat. And my photography has been so enhanced. This is one not to miss.

love notes

The Whole Artist Retreat was a profound, serendipitous experience, bringing together creative individuals from across the globe who quickly became friends. The land exuded a sacred energy, the home was enchanting, and the food was both earthy and comforting. Sasha Lang's collaborative intention session on the first night set the transformative tone.

This was no ordinary photography retreat; it was a concentrated blend of Natalie and Mari's whole-hearted, creative minds. Our days nurtured the mind, body, and soul, with time for reflection in a picturesque setting. We departed transformed, our roots intertwined, souls enriched, and hearts wide open, forging enduring friendships as a testament to the magic of those 4 days in Taos


love notes

The retreat was literally such a pivot point in my life and all my thoughts are falling short. It was the first time in forever I was able to get out of my head and into my body. It was a safe space for me to verbalize the transition that needed to happen in my life- and I was encouraged in my decision by every single attendee. We were women united- and it was incredibly impacting and powerful. I was able to feel like myself- and create art that I felt connected to again.  

Thank you to Natalie, mari, everyone involved in creating the space for us- and for everyone there. I’m building a life I feel free in, and you all helped me get here.


Mari Trancoso



Natalie Gildersleeve

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