Join us in the magical town of San Pancho, Mexico, where for four nights and three extraordinary days, you'll delve into the depths of artistic expression, bask in the golden embrace of the sun, and reconnect with the artist within you. Our photography retreat isn't just about capturing beautiful images; it's a profound exploration of your whole creative self. We'll guide you in rekindling the parts of yourself that may have been lost or forgotten. This is an opportunity to nourish the entirety of your artistic soul, as true inspiration emerges from a wellspring of self-care. With creativity, movement, and nourishing food, we offer a space for your nervous system to find balance, allowing you to unearth the innate beauty that lies within. In the heart of this quaint Mexican town, surrounded by the pristine Pacific Ocean and the sun's warmth, you'll discover a welcoming community of big hearted creatives. We're honored to have the esteemed Yan Palmer as our co-host, adding a touch of brilliance only she can bring to this extraordinary experience. Join us for a transformative journey in a setting that's as breathtaking as it is soul-enriching.

  • - Four nights at a beautiful home on the beach
  • - Private Pool
  • - Nourishing and delicious meals
  • - Intimate couple shoot with Mari
  • - Family shoot with Mari
  • - Family shoot with Natalie
  • - Education talk with Yan
  • - Yan's seeing, knowing, encouraging
  • - Q&A with all hosts
  • - Editing with Mari
  • - Tea/cacao ceremony (optional)
  • - Temazcal ceremony (optional)
  • - Daily Guided movement and meditation with Sasha Lang
  • -Time for rest and play
  • -Exploration of the town 
  • - Storytelling about your work and our photography journey
  • - Sharing space for connection and story
  •  -beach fires
  •  - portraits of each attendee


you are welcome here

April 23- 27, 2024



Mari Trancoso

Natalie Gildersleeve



Yan Palmer is a world-renowned film photographer, educator and public speaker. With the heart and eyes of a poet, and the spirit of a mystic, she has spent the majority of her career traveling far and wide, not only making art for her clients, but teaching other artists to do the same. Recognized as a ‘photographer’s photographer’, Yan’s work has appeared in publications like Kinfolk, Click, Let the Kids Dress Themselves, goop and more, and garnered worldwide acclaim.

Yan has set herself apart in the world of education with her unique philosophy that teaching artists to become more like her is useless. Instead, her mission revolves around empowering artists to harness their innate potential, to evolve into the truest expression of themselves.

Yan has bootstrapped her business from the ground up all while raising three children as a single mother. She has done so with rigorous, unwavering artistic integrity and a passionate dedication to making work and products aligned with the meaning she seeks to infuse into the world—the belief that you, your work, and the art of your life are infinitely valuable. Currently splitting her time between the magic landscapes of Oregon and the rugged beauty of Utah, Yan Palmer invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, artistic exploration, and boundless creativity.

The Whole Artist Retreat was a powerful, almost serendipitous experience. A gathering of creative strangers from all over the world destined to be friends. 

The sacred energy of the land was palpable, the home was enchanting and the food; earthy, nourishing and deliciously comforting. The collaborative intention session led by the healing presence of the ethereal Sasha Lang on the first night set the tone for a truly transformative and connecting experience.

This was no ordinary photography retreat. It was the beautiful culmination of Natalie and Mari’s whole hearts and uniquely creative minds that made this retreat a concentrated dose of healing and inspiration. Our days were stimulating for the mind, body and soul, while still allowing time for reflection in the most idyllic setting. 

We left unrecognizable to ourselves from the people we were when we arrived; rested and replenished, nourished roots intertwined, souls enriched and hearts wide open. The friendships that were forged were an integral part of the healing and will continue as a forever reminder of the magic that unfolded during those 4 days in Taos.

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  • Private room, king size bed - $3900 (SOLD OUT)

  • Queen bed in shared room - $3600 (SOLD OUT)

  • Shared king size bed - $3300

  • Single bunk bed - $3000 (SOLD OUT)